Commissioning a Portrait

Guy Kinder accepts private and corporate commissions, and paints groups as well as individuals. He is happy to travel to his sitters or invite them to his comfortable studio in Edinburgh.



Some clients prefer to have their portrait painted entirely from life, but this can involve many sittings and only a few sitters are able to make the necessary commitment. 

The method most prefered by clients is for the artist to work partly from life and partly from photographic references, thus greatly reducing the number of sittings required.

For clients who do not have the luxury of time to spare for more than one sitting, the artist is prepared to work solely from photographic references. As a general rule the artist does not work from other peoples photographs, but takes many of his own during the working process. Only in unavoidable circumstances, such as with posthumous portraits (and subject to the photographs meeting the necessary quality criteria) is he prepared to use other peoples images.

The time taken to complete a portrait is variable, and the painting will only be deemed finished when the artist feels he has achieved the best possible result.


Portrait Price Guide

Inches Centimetres Price
20" x 16" 50cm x 40cm £3,450
24" x 20" 60cm x 50cm £4,500
30" x 24" 76cm x 60cm £5,950
36" x 28" 90cm x 70cm £7,500
40" x 30" 100cm x 76cm £9,250
50" x 40" 120cm x 100cm £11,490
60" x 40" 150cm x 100cm £13,950


The price of a portrait is agreed in advance with the client, after which a deposit of 25% is requested in order to proceed. The balance becomes payable on completion.  Prices do not include framing or travelling expenses.



The above prices are a guide for a single portrait.  Sizes may be adjusted to accommodate individual requirements, and prices may be adjusted for the inclusion of additional subjects and for projects of greater complexity.


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